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Medilingua is a self-study course in pre-intermediate English (B1). It is designed for paramedics who want to learn profession specific vocabulary and improve their listening and communication skills.

There are six units in this course. Each of them is based on a real-life emergency that paramedics often face on a daily basis. There are 12-13 lessons in every unit. The lessons introduce functional language, vocabulary and grammatical structures necessary for paramedics to communicate in a particular emergency. 

It is recommend that you work through the course from beginning to end. Start with unit 1 - Children: Head Injury and go through the units in the order in which they appear below. You should finish with unit 6 - Infants: Head and Limb Injuries. Use the Additional material at the end of the course to learn extra vocabulary that is not directly related to any of the six emergencies.

There is End-of-course test which you can take when you have finished all six units.  If you get at least 80% of the answers right, you will be able to print your Medilingua B1 certificate.

Before you start the course - Test